January – March 2017 @ Woodbrook Secondary School, Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago)

During her journeys to Trinidad and Tobago Dominika Justine Tux known as DJ Mika Raguaa got not only experienced through the culture and music – her travels and conversations showed, that information about the European continent with its languages, countries, historical and musical facets are minted slightly.

For more than eight years the female Soca ambassador (born in Poland, raised in Germany) has been able to make her mark internationally in promoting Caribbean music. Now she is internationally known as a presenter of the music with a high knowledge and a worldwide representation based in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She was studying environmental science at University of Oldenburg (German) and switched to media- and communication studies at University of Leipzig and Martin – Luther – University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) where she specialized in role models of disc jockeys. Also she travelled a lot across Europe and is fluent in five different languages (including German, English, French, Spanish and her native language Polish).

DJ MIKA RAGUAAHer current project, besides doing music, is the development of an international online platform system for Caribbean music to represent worldwide and to transport background information and cultural contents about how far Caribbean music has reached already. Through a project to get European based Soca music a platform, Mika worked out a mixtape and an article to present the historical development out of the last two decades. The entire production got international response; therefore she transported the results back to the Caribbean in the beginning of 2016. She participated at the International Soca DJ Competition, Trinidad Carnival and proved her authenticity through travels and local conversations. Country and culture encouraged her to release multimedia impressions of her journeys through videos and photographs. Not only for the upcoming carnival season in 2017 she is be back in Trinidad, she also wants to create an awareness about European influences of music and their relation to the Caribbean in the large-scale school project “BLAZE A TRAIL” supporting the upcoming local talents of media, art and music.

The goal of the project is to inspire and teach the young adolescents in aspects of self-assurance, identification with their own culture and other cultures and a numbering and interdisciplinary using of new media.

The aim of the “Blaze a Trail School Project” is to help and encourage students of Woodbrook Secondary School to think out of the country to develope themselves and to see how far their own culture reached. (CEO & Founder, Dominika Justine Tux)


The idea is to give the younger generation the direct chance to inform and educate others about European music and answer questions. Those will be answered by DJ Mika in a presentation in front of 25 hand-picked students of Woodbrook Secondary School in Trinidad, Port of Spain. The purpose of the multimedia presentation will be to introduce herself, her work and most of all her experiences of a European wide DJ career. Also she will introduce the following phases, where different workshops will give the adolescent teens an active exercise and a deeper understanding of the specific subjects (out of music production, music, art, media production and fashion/design) together with a Trinidadian professional out of these fields. In the project phases five different workshops (each for two to six participants) will be supported by musicians, producers, artistes and companies.


The workshops have to be seen as voluntary action of the children on their own or the assisting teacher’s responsibility. The workshops contain the following subjects and will always include the assistance and the organisation by DJ Mika. The number of participants is written in brackets.

– get a deeper view in the backgrounds of how a song is getting produced
– see the production processes and get an impression of how it is to be a music producer (6)

MUSIC AS ARTFORM:                                                                       
– see how a pannist is practicing / learn some elementary steel pan tricks (4)

MEDIA / FILM / PHOTOGRAPHY:                                                           
– be part of a workshop and document it medially
– put them together in a film in assistance with a cooperating video editing company
– learn some tricks and rules of video editing and filming (8)

– meet and practice with a professional sportsman
– learn tricks and get motivation skills (6)

– watch behind of the scenes of a mas camp and create an individual carnival section concept
– draw your ideas and try to realize with the assistance of professional costume designers (6)




February 1st 2017 – 8:30 am – 9:30 am – Introducing presentation
Location: Library Woodbrook Secondary School, Port of Spain (Trinidad)

Dominika Justine Tux (Scientist of Media and Communication B.A.) aka DJ MIKA RAGUAA will present information about European countries relating on music releases and her own experiences. Her presentation also contains information about the European movement of Caribbean music including audiovisual examples. Also she will introduce the project as well as the workshop contents and the workshop leaders to the students. Here are some visual impressions:



All voluntary workshops take place at the library of Woodbrook Secondary School. All workshop-leaders will come to the school and bring material, information and references. The students can choose the workshop which they would like to take part in. It is the exercise of the MEDIA / FILM / PHOTOGRAPHY team to document the workshops.

February 20th 2017 – WORKSHOP | DAY 1:

8:30 am – 9:45 am

with Fabien Alfonso

– actively involved in the creative cultural sector for the past 20 years
– investor, music producer and intendant of music industry researches
– past president of the Recording Industry Association of Trinidad and Tobago (RIATT)
– sourcing new talents, artist management, music marketing and music publishing
– audio-visual works, production of jingles, instrumental music for documentaries and music production for artistes
– worked together with KMC, Bunji Garlin, Mighty Sparrow, Destra Garcia and produced as example “Passion” by Militant

guest performance by Jabari Winchester
– young aged sound engineer, videographer and producer of Machel Montano and others
– studied Digital Media Studies & Music Technology at University of Trinidad and Tobago
– recorded several international hits including the latest production from Machel Monano & Bunji Garlin “buss head” 

15 min break
10:00 am  – 11:15 am

with Kernal “Kitch” Roberts

–  Music Producer / Singer / Songwriter
–  Son
of Icon „Lord Kitchener
 Finalist of the International Soca Monarch 2017
–  Creative Director at Rama Studios, Diego Martin
–  Cousin
of the international Soca artist Patrice Roberts
–  Drummer of the international Soca artist Machel Montano

Produced hits like:

Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts – band of the year (2006)
Machel Montanojumbie (2007)
JW &
Blazepalance (2010)
Machel Montanoadvantage (2011)                         ALL ROADMARCH WINNERS!



01:00 pm – 2:30 pm

with Marc Taylor

– Professional Football Freestyler
– Media specialist and – audio-visual works
performances for many prestigious worldwide brands (Toyota, First Citizens Bank, Turbo Energy Drink ,Stag, Carib, Henieken, Guinness and others)

– motivation coaching

February 21st 2017 – WORKSHOP | DAY 2:

More impressions soon!

8:30 am – 9:45 am
15 min break
10:00 am  – 11:15 am

with Dominika Justine Tux

– Scientist of Media & Communication
– Artist & creative mind
– Media specialist
– reinvention of a mas costume with contributions from Legacy Carnivals & Adrenaline Mas Band


01:00 pm – 2:30 pm

with Keishaun Julien

– born and grown in Tobago
– playing steel pan since 11 years
– international career as pannist


Both workshops will be supported by the
WORKSHOP (documenting the workshop)

with Kwesi Marcano

– Photographer for Fashion, Art & Events (including carnivals) for Studio Buzz.tt, Port of Spain (Trinidad)
– Media specialist

> MARCH 2017

March 8th 2017 – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm – FINAL PRESENTATION

All participants of the workshops meet together again at the library of Woodbrook Secondary School. In the final presentation the students are expected to give 10 minutes summarised explanations of what they would have learned in each workshop. Also the best audiovisual impressions will be shown to the students.

A promotional film about the whole project will be done after the final presentation.
It will be released online as documentation in April 2017.


Woodruffe & Woodroffe Management Co. Ltd, Chaguanas
Mikado Media Productions, Leipzig (Germany)


Commodity Contributions:
Sweet Dream Candies Ltd., St. Patrick (TnT)
Studio Buzz.tt, Port of Spain (TnT)
Legacy Carnivals, Port of Spain (TnT)
Adrenaline Mas, Port of Spain (TnT)
Photobooth Event GmbH, Leipzig (Germany)


For more information & support contact:

Dominika Justine Tux
Professional DJ & Scientist for Media & Communication (B.A)

Email: djmikaraguaa@gmail.com


Instagram: @mikaraguaa
Phone & Whatsapp: +1868-372-0077

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